K9 services


Based near Shawbury, Shropshire, fully insured and DBS checked, I am here to help you with all elements of pet care, from walking your dog and feeding your cats, to mucking out your horse whilst you are away.

A happy, obedient and well socialised dog is a pleasure to own and walk. However sometimes we get a puppy and don't quite get the mix right. We struggle with more difficult personalities, sometimes our dogs are exposed to situations that cause them to fear, perhaps they are attacked when young or sometimes we take on an older dog that has been mistreated or neglected in the past. 

Whatever the problem you may be having with your dog I believe that training and proper management is the answer. With a bit of time, consistency and positivity your dog will behave and look to you for direction and security.

I pride myself on training dogs in a way that makes them excited for their training sessions, making your dog want to work with you rather than controlling through fear and/or the use of uncomfortable "training aids" such as head collars, harnesses, spray collars etc.

I work with handlers to give them the tools they need to train their dog. I also look at the home environment from feeding, sleeping arrangements and how you greet your dog to truly get the best from your training sessions with me.

I also know how hard it is to keep your horse fully fit whilst trying to work full time or finding someone you can truly rely on to look after your prized family member whilst you take a break, all animals in my care are treated as part of my family, the are looked after with love and understanding knowing they might be stressed and wondering where you are.